Anonymous: How long did it take to get that big using your technique and how many inches did u start at

I was 12 inches outta high school and 14 inches about 2 years ago I have gained over 10 more inches fully.

Anonymous: you not on skype tonight?


Anonymous: How's it going?


Anonymous: do u do shows for women who want to masturbate to you stroking ur big long dick

My shows are for everyone.

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Thank Yo.

Anonymous: i wanna see that on skype

I do paypal shows there.

Anonymous: How much are the videos? How long are they?

hit me up on the prices range fro 20-40

Anonymous: Are private shows for men or woman ?


Anonymous: I got a few questions? I wanna buy the system and what I want to know is, (do I get a video in the mail or do I get a little booklet on it for $25).

A small video and tips,

Anonymous: just emailed you about technique info