(Testimonial from a customer.)
I bought your instructional video about two or three months ago and I have some big changes (pun intended). You have given me a type of confidence I didn’t have before. At the beginning of my journey with your exercises, I made a penis mold to compare to (and just so i could see what other people saw) and needless to say, now…it’s tiny, LOL. Attached, I put two pictures of my progress. Thank you again sir!!!

I was perusing about the internet and I dropped by your page. It has been quite some time since I had last written you a testimonial and after seeing the old picture on your site I had to send another update.
So as of late, I’ve had a couple surgeries, beat cancer (WHOOP WHOOP!) and now I can begin my regimen again. I really want to thank you again for the BIG confidence boost you’ve given me. I still continue on in the hopes of becoming America’s Next Top Model…I mean…in the hopes of hitting my goal (that got real fierce, real fast) and I am well on my way. I’m in the process of making another mold for progression so I can gauge future progress on a better scale. Thank you again mister!!! You are truly man’s best friend for his best friend.
Starting Length: 7.5” Starting Girth: 5”
Current Length: 8.7” Current Girth: 6.1”
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