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Anonymous asked: Im 6 1/2 inches long. Am I able to get over 8 inches using your technique


asstpimp asked: Hey how do I get to use your techniques

i charge through paypal

Anonymous asked: How can I get this technique?

email me at

it’s large

Anonymous asked: Someone ask if you were capable of mating with a horse. I think you might damage a horse as big as your dick is. ;)

Oh, wow, :-)

Anonymous asked: ive got an 8 inch wanna be 12 can your technique get me there?


Anonymous asked: Wow you look hot in that jock! It looks like it can barly hold all that dick though. ;)

Thank you

Anonymous asked: Can your technique fix curvatures? Mine has a bit of an awkward angle and will love to be a bit straighter, and of course, bigger.