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"Ok, so I naturally have a big dick but I have used a technique that I came up with that made my dick even bigger. This technique works to enlarge both the length and the girth of the penis. It works by expanding the tissues within the penis by pushing more blood into the penis this creating a thicker, longer, bigger stronger erection/penis, if the penis holds more blood then it becomes thicker, longer, bigger, and stronger. I have some videos that come along with some info that I charge for, it is $25 for a short video and info or $50 for a longer video and info, I have an even longer video, if you are interested you can hit me up by email, kik, Skype, etc….. I sell other videos as well, email, kik, Skype etc….. for details on those as well, my email is monsterhuge12@hotmail, kik is bigandlong01, Skype bignswoll"

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Anonymous asked: What are your payment options or method?

Email me at

Anonymous asked: damn sexy ass man

Thank you

"$100 video deal, email me at for details"

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Big ass black dick, hanging around and shit, in a ring, will this shit ever stop growing?


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Hopelessly out of luck finding underwear that fits.
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The struggle?

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